About Us


I live in Pistoia and work in Florence as official tour guide. After classical studies I graduated at the Univeristy of Florence in foreign languages (English, Spanish and German) and worked as a teacher in private and state schools from 1996 to 1999. I got the Proficiency Certificate in English language at the University of Glasgow, where I lived a year teaching Italian.


I followed a post-graduates course in intercultural exchanges at the University of Florence and, thanks to that, I obtained a scholarship to live in Munich and study the development of interchanges between Italy and German.I'm particularly interested in art and history of the local territory since I worked at the archeological park of Baratti and Populonia on the Etruscan coast, where I organized customized tours for foreign travellers till 2001. In 1998 I specialized as a tour guide in
Florence and with the time this became my main job. Every day I step around art treasures hidden in the medioeval streets of Florence ... and I love it ! Every
day I have the chance to show them to new people who end up enthusiastic about my city ... and I love it !
As you guessed, I really like travelling and meeting people, but when I'm back home I relax cooking tuscan recipes for my family and my friends, and I enjoy spending my time with children.


I live in Florence and my family has been living in this area for 3 hundred years. My family name is very typical of Firenze, which is the Italian name of Florence.

I attended the International High school of Firenze where I studied German and English, then I graduated at the University of Pisa in 1988. During the University I  lived 6 months in Frankfurt, Germany, studying at the Wolfgang Goethe Univeritat.

Soon after the University I took one year off and I moved to the USA, Santa Monica, California, where I  attended some extra courses at the UCLA, I wanted to improve the language and know the States better, it was a great experience.  

When I came back I have  taught for some years at two high schools, then I went through the competition to get the licence of Tourist guide, I passed the competition in 1998 and I got the licence, since then I have been doing that.

I love my job, it is absolutely perfect for me, I adore art, I love talking with people, I really want them to know Florence in the proper way, not just walking through the highlights.