Classic tours

The following tours are only some possible tours, but we will discuss any tour with our clients to adapt it to them:

1 - TOUR FOR FIRST VISITORS: it is the perfect tour for your first time in Florence. We want to show you as much as possible in 3 hours: we pick you up at  your hotel and we spend the first part of the tour visiting hidden parts of Florence, then we go for the main squares and monuments trying to show you what you have always seen on cards and photos. We end up with the visit of a museum which could be the Accademia museum (with the Michelangelo's David) OR  the Opera museum (with Michelangelo's Pieta).

2 - TOUR OF THE OLTRARNO: if you have already been in Florence and you want to discover something new, you can choose this tour to stay away from the most crowded parts of Florence. We visit the district on the other side of the Arno river, the district where most of the craftsmen are still working. We visit the church of Santo Spirito with the famous cross of Michelangelo, we end up with the visit of Palazzo Pitti, the royal palace of Florence and its wonderful collection of paintings in the Palatine Gallery. 3 hours tour.

3 - TOUR OF SANTA MARIA NOVELLA DISTRICT: this is another chance to visit less known parts of Florence. We start  our tour with the Strozzi Palace (only outside), then we walk through the typical streets of the Santa Maria Novella district and reach the main basilica of Santa Maria Novella, definitely the most beautiful church in town and the favorite church of Michelangelo. We end up with the visit of one of the oldest pharmacy in Europe:  the pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella, still producing exquisite perfumes with a whole series of Eau the Colognes, make up and  liquors made with the ancient recipes of the Dominican friars. 3 hours tour.

4 - TOUR OF THE SANTA CROCE DISTRICT: this tour is particularly interesting if you love Michelangelo and you want to know more about his youth. The tour starts in Piazza Santa Croce next to the little fountain in the square, we walk in front of the house where Michelangelo was raised, worked and spent many years of his youth. Then we visit the Buonarroti Palace, the house where the family lived till recently and  still some of his first works are . We end up in the church of Santa Croce where Michelangelo is buried and hundreds of important works of art are preserved, including the frescos of Giotto and the tombs of the most important Italian artists. 3 hours tour

5 - TOUR OF FIESOLE: the tour starts when we pick you up at your hotel. We drive to Fiesole through the lovely streets of the Fiesole hills. We visit the Duomo of Fiesole and we start walking uphill to the church of San Francesco, this is the most beautiful walk you can imagine with charming views over Florence. On the way down we reach the archaeological site and we visit  the Etruscans and Roman remains including the Etruscan temple, the Roman Baths, the Roman theatre and  the small but enchanting  museum. 3 hours tour


Enjoy actually understanding the masterpiecies of the two most visited florentine museums, world-famous thanks to the incomparable art treasure they house. This tour starts at the Academy Gallery of fine arts, where the genius of Michelangelo will surprise you with the David and the dramatic,unfinishee Slaves. Then we continue the tour with the Uffizi, for an amazing walk through the collection left to us by the Medici family. We will focus on the important centuries of italian art for an in-depth explanation of the  highlights: Giotto, Botticelli, Da Vinci, Raphael and Titian to name a few. Tour ends inside the museum for those who want to remain longer after a coffee break on the wonderful terrace of the gallery. 4 hours tour